Workshops on works and skills in Stockport

Residents and businesses across the borough are invited to take part in a series of workshops to discuss the main issues and priorities for work and skills in Stockport.

Led by the newly formed Stockport Work & Skills Commission, these workshops are an opportunity for employers, the current and future workforce, young people, and education and training providers to discuss their concerns and contribute ideas for better opportunities in skills and employment.

The workshops will take place for the following groups:

Councillor Kate Butler, Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Economy and Regeneration, said: “We want an open conversation with members of the public and businesses about the issues and priorities involving jobs and skills in Stockport. We also want to hear ideas on how to address these issues, so we can tackle inequalities in skills, employment and income levels across the borough. To have inclusive growth, we need a skilled workforce that fuels productivity across sectors and improves our local economy.”

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