Launching the Stockport Work and Skills Commission


We are really pleased to announce the launch of the Stockport Work and Skills Commission.

The aim of the Stockport Work and Skills Commission is to lead a public debate focused on work, skills and the local economy in Stockport. The Commission will run from January to April 2018 and will involve businesses, the present and future workforce, young people and those providing education and skills training. Local, national and international evidence and research will inform the debate and this work will be a part of the Council’s approach to Inclusive Growth.

We are running a series of four workshops leading up to a Commission day with key stakeholders where we will prioritise the work and skills issues for Stockport. We will work together to produce an action plan that will drive forward the changes we need for everyone in Stockport to get the most out of work and skills.

Stockport is a great place to live, work and learn. We have a wealth of talent and we know that the people and businesses in Stockport are doing relatively well. However, we also know that this is not the case for everyone and we want to work together with partners and stakeholders to change things for the better, and to enable all of our residents to be part of, and benefit from, a successful and thriving local economy.

The Commission is a great opportunity to have your say. Please get involved in helping us to identify and understand the priority work, skills and local economic issues that will affect Stockport, and help us to shape our future success. Your support for this vital work is much appreciated.


Cllr Kate Butler
Cllr Kate Butler, Cabinet Member for Economy & Regeneration, Stockport Council
Pam Smith, Chief Executive, Stockport Council
Paul Holme
Paul Holme, Independent Chair of the Stockport Work and Skills Commission